Fallen Sword Web Based RPG Guide

Welcome again, today we’re going to look into the new trend of rpg’ing through web based pages. It is common knowledge that Role Playing Games Attract people a lot more than any other type of games. Reasons? Call it thirst for power, thirst for domination call it whatever you want but RPG gaming is here […]

Computers And Human organisms. Coincidence?

Technology is everywhere. We use it to create art, vehicles, food, bombs, and virtually everything. Computers have played the greatest role in technology breakthrough. Nowadays every house has one. In fact a considerable percentage does not know how to use it but they just had to have it just to say that they’re following the […]

A Simple PHP Visitor Counter

This article is designed to help you make a very simple hit counter for your php enabled website. I will talk you through each stage and explain both what is happening and why. There are many ways that we can achieve our goal of creating a visitor counter using PHP. In this article I will […]

Welcome to BurnABrain.com

You might ask your self what is burnabrain? A collective effort of individuals to transfer their thoughts, views, knowledge to others. Information was, is and will be Internet’s greatest breakthrough. We, as burnabrain like to share it with the rest of the world. It’s all about things we know, things we care about and things […]