Fallen Sword Web Based RPG Guide

Welcome again, today we’re going to look into the new trend of rpg’ing through web based pages.

It is common knowledge that Role Playing Games Attract people a lot more than any other type of games. Reasons? Call it thirst for power, thirst for domination call it whatever you want but RPG gaming is here to stay. People play them, meet new people and have fun. The problem is that not many people have the required time to devote into games like that. That’s what web based RPGs come to solve.

Most of them are fast paced and very fun to play, without having to spend many hours per day.

One of them is the Fallen Sword RPG.

Fallen sword is a web based rpg and that’s here to stay. Has everything an rpg should have and nothing to be jealous from the other ones.

The story goes on like this:

You’re a warrior and get ported to the mythical world of fallen sword. Your goal is to get levels from acquiring experience through killing monsters and doing quests and obtain new armors and weapons to make you the ultimate warrior that ever existed in the realm.

Lets see how we can accomplish this through out tips that came out of my personal experience enjoying the game.

First of all you need to register and if you haven’t done already, click the link below:


If you’re thinking that you will sign up for the game and immediately start with everything you ever dreamed (100 level character, awesome weapons) you shouldn’t go for an rpg game. Games like this make you develop your char with small and steady steps. Equip your self with patience and the idea that this game will accompany you through time.


Stamina in this game can be viewed from the top menu and looks exactly like the image on the left. You gain stamina by time. Every 1 hour you obtain 50 stamina that you can use on killing monsters or other players. Stamina max is 500 at least at the start so make sure you play the game every 10 hours for some minutes in order not to waste points that can get you levels and new equipment.

By killing monsters you gain experience, money and equipment and it is essential to your character progress. After a while you’ll be able to roam through the world easily and find monsters to hunt.

By killing players you gain pvp Rating that you will need in the future and some money. My best advice would be to leave that for the moment.


Leveling your character is one of the most crucial aspects of the game. You can check your level progress bar by looking at the top of the game page that looks exactly like the image on the left. Here you can check how close you are to obtain another level so you can spend the level points and attributes to the skills you want to.


Gold is your wealth, you need gold to repair your broken items and to buy new ones. Make sure you transfer the maximum amount of gold you are allowed each day to the bank to save them from thieves. Gold can be attained from killing monsters, attacking players and selling your fares to the auction house.

FSP (Fallen Sword Points)

Fallen Sword Points are the most essential source of power into the game. Their uses are numerous but the most important ones are:

  • Buying Armour, Weapon, Accessories from the auction house.
  • Purchasing guild upgrades for your guild.
  • Exchange them for money.
  • Upgrade your equipments at the armoury.

First Things First!

Rule number 1!: Don’t use the Hell Forge and Crafting at first levels. Hell Forge is the place that takes one of your equipments and enhances it to make it better. At least for the first levels it is a complete waste of money since no matter how much better you make your level 1 dagger it won’t last long.

Rule number 2!: Don’t waste your stamina killing other players. Might seem funny and profitable but in the long run you will regret wasting your stamina on others while watching them reach high levels and get better sets and rewards.

FSP And Donations Explained.

Fallen sword points are easy to get and much easier to spend.

Since its your basic exchange for the game, think a lot about spending some points here and there.

So, lets check our options and see what’s worthy and what’s not.

  • +25 Current Stamina: Never use that. No matter how appealing it might seem, its just a waste of FSP. To explain my self, let me do some calculations.

In one day, a player can get 50×24= 1200 Stamina. To get that 1200 stamina you should spend 48 FSP. So to lets say win a day you have to pay almost 10$. Is it worth it ? Nope! You’re here to stay, and not just to play a day. So don’t use that bonus, not worth it. And as a final notice, most bonuses when you use them, they stay for you forever. That’s one of the few that is expendable.

  • +10 Maximum Stamina: That is a VERY useful upgrade for your character if you plan on playing for a long term. That’s because given the fact that your maximum stamina is 500 and you gain 50 stamina every hour, you have to spend your stamina every 10 hours max in order not to leave stamina get wasted. So if I were you I would donate some points for that according to the maximum amount of time i will be absent.

For example: Let’s say I sleep 10 hours and then i have to go to work without being able to spend my stamina in the morning. Lets give it 18 hours from the time i sleep till I am able to return home and spend my stamina. 18 hours is: 900 stamina and since I already have 500 max stamina as my repository, I have to donate to reach my max stamina to 900. So I need another 400 and given the fact that 2 FSP give +10 max stamina, I need 2×40=80 FSP. This is a very useful upgrade to your character and consider doing it slowly but from the start.

  • +1% Experience towards next level: Complete crap at least for the first 50 or more levels! I don’t know if it has any worth at levels bigger than 70-80 but let’s get real, you can get 1% at starting levels sppending 1 stamina, not 2 FSP!

  • +500 Gold: Another money waster! 500 gold is close to nothing since 1 FSP can be traded with a player for a lot more!

  • +1 XP Gain (per hour): I wouldn’t use it even if they paid me to.

  • +1 Gold Gain (per hour): No comments!

  • +1 Stamina Gain (per hour): I wouldn’t use that one since each stamina at levels close to
    30 can give me 20 exp, so why spend 20 FSP for just a +1 to stamina
    every hour.

  • +1 Bank Deposits per Day: Very useful after level 30+ when you keep in your pockets more than 30.000 gold. Since you can put into the bank or guild bank 25% of your gold I would invest in this bonus for an additional one or two times.

  • +1 Inventory (Backpack) Slot: I can’t decide if that’s “a Must have one”. For me, if you have many Auction slots that would be ten times better. But its up to you if you want to have more backpack slots so you can change items according to the situation (PVP for example).

  • +1 Max Allies: I would rather write them on a piece of paper than spending 5FSP for an additional one. Just keep there your closest friends and you’re done.

  • +1 Max Enemies: Look above!

  • +1 Max Auctions: Now, that’s a very useful one! Not at the starting levels but at 25+
    you’ll need to do some upgrades to it since two auctions at the same time
    is close to nothing.

  • Protect XP: If this skill needed five FSP, I might consider it before starting a war with an enemy or my clan.But now that it costs 25 it’s not worth spending my points to “save” my exp at a current level and never make it drop below that.

  • Reset Skill Points: Well that is an expensive thing to buy. Even if put everything wrong i would consider using it ONLY after level 70-80, before that it won’t play an important role. I will explain later on which skills are the most important for the starting levels so you won’t have to use that.

  • +1 Max Secure Trades: Unless you are trading FSP and other valuable set items, this is not needed at all. Secure trade can be completed when both parties agree to it, so it can only take a matter of seconds.

  • Refill All Bank Deposits: I’d rather pay 50 FSP to have +1 Bank Deposits per Day rather than 20 to refill my deposits just for a day.

  • Bounty Tickets (100x): For the first levels in your game experience, this is not needed. Later on when you see a good bounty on someone, grab 100 tickets. They are cheap and you might make much more than you invested on them. Bounty tickets can also be used on placing a bounty for a person. So it’s cheap, use it at our own will.

That’s it ! Now you know where to invest and what you should leave as it is.

Skill Allocation

  • WARNING: Now that I have your attention, I have to say: DON’T put skill points everywhere!!!! I see people with 5 skills at rage, 5 at find items, 5 at adept learner… That is completely wrong! Meaning, you will have to buff those skills to you… If you have lets say 5 points at adept learner, it will cost more to buff yourself for 10 stamina rather than use those 10 stamina on more monsters. Don’t take many skills. Concentrate on the ones you will reach to 100.

Next part is the skill allocation. Crucial too cause a small mistake can make you pay 100 FSP just because you didn’t think about it in the beginning!

My advice is: Keep you skill points (5 / Level) till you become level 25! Then you can put 100 to the Adept Learner so you can get 20% more experience per kill. This is a very crucial part if you want to level up fast and catchup your friends.

After adept learner you have many options. You can put points to find item skill that is crappy at normal situations but rocks on elite mobs and events that game masters do such as killing legendary monsters. Many have it but personally i think that when it comes to skills you have to have the skills you need and not ask about them all the time, just because buffing costs stamina to the caster of the buff.

After that or after adept, you can put points to Enchant Weapon or to Enchanted Armor. Both are a very good place to put your skill points since we all want to hit hard and level 80+ mobs hit hard also. It is a good thing to have those two skills.

About PVP (Player Versus Player) And bounties.

Killing other people is fun sometimes but has three MAJOR drawbacks.

  • You Make many enemies
  • One of your victims might put a bounty on you. (Will explain later)
  • You loose valuable stamina that could be spent on monster hunting.

Let’s face it! Most of the people play this game to have the best set and kill others. That’s the ultimate goal! But until you get there, my advice would be to wear your serenity belt and move on!

If you attack someone, he has the right to put a bounty on you within 48 hours. This means that he will put a price on your head so other people will start hunting you. That will make you loose pvp rating and experience. So not only with pvp you stay behind others but sometimes a pissed enemy of yours might make you loose even a level by putting you on bounty.

If you are being attacked, check the player name and see if he has attacked you in the past. If not it might be because you are carrying a lot of money on you. What I usually do is to buy some items with money that can also be sold with FSP. So in that case i can make some FSP while I maintain my sanity!

A VERY good way to save money from thieves, is to coordinate with other guild members. By that, I mean the following:

Lets say we’re 5 people having 10k each…If we do it alone we’ll deposit 2.5k each and have 7.5k on us…If all give money to one person, then that person deposits and passes it to the next, it will go like this:

  • 37500 by First person’s Deposit
  • 28125 by the Second person’s Deposit
  • 21093 by the Third Person’s Deposit
  • 15820 by the fourth and
  • 11865 by the last one.

So instead of having 7500*5=37500 we’ll have 11865 floating around. Cool huh ?:)

Guilds and how to contribute to them.

Want to become the ultimate guild member? Want your guild master to love you? Want to see your guild gain fast positions on the top 250 Guilds page? Here is what you have to do in order not only to benefit your guild but yourself too.

  • Use your stamina. One of the most crucial and important things to do. Don’t waste it by killing people but kill monsters. You will level up, guild will level up and both become powerful to defend each other in case of a guild war. That’s when you pvp, not without a reason. Getting levels for the guild unlocks many new features with most important, being able to create new powerful structures. So, try not to let stamina go wasted, every 10 hours log in and spend your stamina on monsters so you won’t let stamina go 500/500 and just stack up there. In case you normally can’t be online every 10 hours, try to Upgrade getting the: +10 Maximum Stamina until you reach the desired max stamina.

  • Use your Bank Deposit everyday, so you won’t get attacked and you will help guild build new structures. It is a good thing to ask before using the deposit in the guild chat so maybe a person can give you more money to donate because he already used his deposit.

  • Donate FSP to the guild. If you see that guild master cares about the members and contributes a lot to the guild, try to donate, recruit some people or sign up for some offers and help him make the guild a better place to die for. 🙂 FSP is the most crucial part of making a guild huge and powerful.

Guilds start with 8 Slots. So if your guild is at start please help your guild master to add more people by donating FSP (It costs 20 FSP to add one more person) and watch your guild grow day by day and become stronger.:)

  • Don’t attack simple monsters with guild attacks. Guild attacks are meant for Elite or Legendary monsters that give quest items and Set items. Don’t spend other people’s stamina just for fun.

Where to level up.

It would be a shame if i just copy-paste a very good post that a member in the forums of the Fallen Sword did. So i just Copy-pasted the link for you to check it out and see what place is the best for your level.


How to use the link ? Click on the area of your level on the post, then click the (see map) link and try to follow the oposite way to reach the place where you are. Then, follow it.

Tips And Tricks:

  • When you are hunting monsters, try to look the link from the where to level up section in order for you to find a suitable area for hunting. The most important thing from an area is to give good experience from a monster together with the amount of stamina spent. When a monster needs more than 5 stamina ALL the time, leave it and go to an easier one.
  • Every area has 3-4 different monsters. When you enter at a specific area, the hardest one would be too tough for you so better leave it alone. At the last level of that area, the easiest one would give very low experience (like 8 or something like that) so leave it alone again. That will help your experience gain a lot.
  • If you level, always go in dead corners, there is small number of players
    there and usually many monsters. Avoid commonly used routes, there is one or no
    mobs there, and you then have to use stamina again for moving . Sometimes in a corner
    you can find eight monsters and when you kill some, use refresh and some more might appear, sometimes I kill 10 mobs on
    one spot, again, saving stamina for moving. (By PerunNS)
  • Use attack and damage items mostly. At the same time don’t look down to your hit points. Try to have some but the most important thing is attack and damage. Equip items with those two stats and put your level up points there. Also Defence is important, armour is not because if a monster won’t hit you it won’t do any damage to you. Later on you will invest on armour too but not at starting levels. (1-40 or more) Attack and damage stats, save you a lot of stamina letting you kill monsters in very few swings.
  • Don’t forget to repair very often. People underestimate repairing but when an item looses some durability, it’s stats get lower and that makes his character die easily from monsters he could kill very easy before. Don’t forget to repair very often when fighting. (Remark from Krypkill)

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do I put money to the guild bank?

From the main guild screen, you can see the guild bank balance. There click on the manage button that is located a bit up and to the right, and on the next page you can do your deposit.

  • How can I donate FSP to the guild?

From the main guild button category on the left of the screen, click the sub-category Upgrades. Then, on the new screen you can deposit FSP for guild use.

  • I am completely lost and can’t escape this place! What shall I do?

Click on Character tab, then preferences and click Instant portal to Krul Island. You will spend 25 stamina but you will be able to travel back to where you want to go. It will teleport you back to the starting point when you started playing the game for the first time.

  • How can I report a Character that violates game rules?


In conclusion…

I hope it helped.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Keep in mind that what I wrote is not the only way to do it but a good way.

Have fun.

Ps. Nr.1) Remember to use the official game forums for more in-depth questions and answers:

Ps. Nr.2) is the place to look for navigation help, set bonuses, monster drops etc. A very helpful guide.

Ps. Nr.3) If you want to make a new char after reading this guide please use my link so i can get some points too 🙂 thank you very much.

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