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23 January 2010 ~ 80 Comments

Emo Bulb, limited time offer!

emo bulb limited time offer

22 January 2010 ~ 95 Comments

Chicken Motivation. Works?!

21 January 2010 ~ 61 Comments

Safe Sex, you’re doing it wrong!

Safe Sex, you're doing it wrong!

21 January 2010 ~ 45 Comments

Evolution? Yeah Right…

Evolution? Yeah Right!

20 January 2010 ~ 153 Comments

Crazy photo manipulation!

Photos by: Erik Johansson

19 January 2010 ~ 82 Comments

How to fix ANY computer problem!

How to fix any computer Problem!

Via: http://xkcd.com/627/

19 January 2010 ~ 22 Comments

Quality is mostly overlooked

quality is mostly overlooked

01 October 2008 ~ 249 Comments

Setting up a Home Server With Windows XP

If you are thinking about running a server from your house then performance and cost is probably going to be an issue at some point. Depending on the type of server you are going to run, having good quality and modern hardware is likely to be an essential part of your planning.

This article is here to help people running a Windows XP based server improve the performance of their home server, without spending any money.

In this article we will discuss general hints and tips, configuring windows for best performance virtual memory and ensuring that your hardware is set up correctly.
Configuring Windows for Best Performance.


01 October 2008 ~ 452 Comments

Submit an Article to Joomla How-To

This tutorial is meant for people that want to get involved with the joomla CMS. It is about inserting and editing new content.

Warning: To be able to access all the needed information found here, you have to have author access.

This is a typical user menu, that every author should be able to see. The most important links are:

  • Submit Article: Where you can easilly submit your content.
  • Edit Article: Where you can make corrections at your old articles.

Click on the Submit Article Link


01 October 2008 ~ 217 Comments

Protecting your Home Gameserver

(Or what can go wrong)

(Real Case Study)

To begin with, this paper could be more like a practical guide than a theoretical one, describing what can go wrong, what are the differences from knowledge and experience and finally, help someone new to understand that security is not only about computers. It involves people, situations and numerous factors that we can’t fully control.

To begin with, this is a picture of the place of the “Crime” most of the computer used for the
server, are present.