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You might ask your self what is burnabrain? A collective effort of individuals to transfer their thoughts, views, knowledge to others. Information was, is and will be Internet’s greatest breakthrough. We, as burnabrain like to share it with the rest of the world.
It’s all about things we know, things we care about and things we’d like to share with you.
Stay tuned, we’re here to stay.

Replies to Questions you Might Think, Before you Think About Them!
� Do you know everything and like to share with the rest of the world your god-like knowledge?
� Nope, thats why we’re a community. If we knew everything, each one of us would create a site of his/her own. That’s what we bet on. Create a core and make it evolve.

� How many people are involved into this site?
� The core team consists of 7 people. Each one has specific tasks appart from personal content submitting. Editing Front and Back-End functions, Reviewing articles, Programming, are all handled by us. But our biggest reward would be to see more people getting motivated by our work, therefore we would be more that pleased to see those 7 people become more.
It’s up to You.

� Can i become a part of the team? And how?
� If you have good writting skills, passion to share your knowledge to the world, if you are curious of how many people will find your article helpfull, if you like to know us better, or if you can help our efforts in any that you can think of, drop us an email at: info|at|burnabrain|dot|com or Message me from the site messaging system.
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